Pinshop’s Shopping Ads boost impression volumes by over 1,000% in first four weeks

March 2018

With a range that covers electronics, beauty, apparel and home décor, comparison shopping service Pinshop provides consumers with over 17 million offers from more than 600 stores. Aiming to attract traffic and customers to their merchant partners as well as to their own pages, the Pinshop marketing team decided to test Shopping Ads.

About Pinshop

Comparison shopping service

Owned by Semtail, provider of tools and services for search marketing automation and feed management

Offices: Sollentuna and Stockholm, Sweden


Attract traffic and customers to own pages and merchant partners


Launched Shopping Ads


Increased impression volumes by over 1,000%

Improved items eligible to serve on Shopping Ads by 25%

Pinshop used the feed management solutions and SEM automation software of its parent company Semtail to scale the approach in a short timeframe. Initially targeting three different countries, the brand managed to increase impression volumes by 1,000% and attain a steady return on investment within the first month of the activity.

“Thanks to Google support, we’re continuing to optimise our Shopping Ads, upload new offers for our merchants and fix feed issues, whilst scaling our Semtail proprietary technology”, says Pinshop and Semtail CEO Martin Lilliestierna. “The share of high quality items eligible to serve on Shopping Ads has improved by 25% in the last 30 days as a result of continuous optimisation.”

“We’re now able to drive even more high quality traffic to our merchants; the proof is that many of our merchants have now started to increase their daily ad budget.”

– Martin Lilliestierna, CEO, Semtail and Pinshop 

With lessons learned from the Pinshop activity, Semtail has been able to grow its service offering. “Creating our own custom comparison shopping service feed management tool enabled us to identify a new business opportunity”, Martin says. “As well as launching Shopping Ads  for a large number of merchants simultaneously, at the same time we’re helping other comparison shopping services and marketplaces by providing automation and onboarding services.”

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