Sprii reduces customer acquisition costs by 20x with Shopping Ads

Badreddine Ramtani, Ahmed Elfiky, Yingzi Liu / March 2019

Sprii.com, headquartered in Dubai, UAE, is one of the leading online shopping destination for mums across the Middle East, offering a 300,000+ range of exclusive products from baby diapers, gear and food, to home appliances, outdoor playsets, books, tablets and so much more. Known for making the busy mum’s life easier, Sprii deployed Shopping Ads to highlight its USPs of product affordability and free shipping with no minimum spend incentive for every order.


Increase brand awareness

Acquire new customers

Drive online purchase consideration


Adopted Shopping Ads as part of an omnichannel marketing mix

Optimised shipping rules in the Shopping feed

Used data-driven, user-centric targeting methods


Found that cost per customer acquisition reduced by 20x

Discovered that Shopping Ads delivered the highest ROI compared to all other channels

Resulted in an increase in potential customer reach by 10x

Showed an increase in click-through-rate by 10x

Much like driving footfall through the traditional bricks and mortar concept, customer acquisition is a top priority for any leading e-commerce platform, and one in which Sprii has set its sights on conquering. While their aim was to increase their customer base over a set period, they needed to do this in the most cost-effective way that would still yield consistently successful results.

To achieve these objectives, Sprii executed an omnichannel mix marketing approach, which for the first time, included the use of Shopping Ads. An avid, early adopter of Google’s ad programs and digital channels based on performance, Sprii chose Shopping Ads to offer increased visibility to its audience when searching for related products.

Maximising the potential of Google Shopping meant finding a balance between both creativity and data-driven targeting. While the channel is heavily numbers driven, the team paid close attention to the user experience aspect of online buying, ensuring product pictures stood out from the competition and incorporating the right keywords within the descriptions.

Monitoring the performance and making adjustments based on user-centric data was also key in optimising the Shopping Ads campaign, utilising the platform’s machine learning capabilities to adjust where required. These aspects went hand in hand with optimising the shipping rules in the feed to maximise the visibility of its ‘free delivery incentive’ for all products.

“The Machine Learning behind Shopping Ads helped us to achieve our aggressive ROI goal as well as deliver a seamless user experience. The platform is only as good as the user, which makes it crucial to spend time learning the ways in which the algorithm works to get the results you expect.” - Yingzi Liu, Digital Marketing Manager, Sprii

This winning combination of detailed application and consumer-centric adjustments throughout the campaign, resulted in Shopping Ads being Sprii’s strongest performing marketing channel, with the highest ROI comparative to all other components in its marketing mix. Sprii found that cost per customer acquisition reduced by 20x, while also providing an increase in potential customer reach by 10x and uplift in click-through rate by 10x.

“Shopping Ads is like a rewards program. The more you invest in the quality of the content, be that image or description, the better your ROI is going to be.” - Ahmed Elfiky, Head of Marketing & Product, Sprii

Moving forward, Sprii aims to use customer search insights from the campaign to inform efforts on acquisition and engagement, improve reach, click-through, and marketing ROI.

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