Topman Launches First Shoppable Hangout and Debuts +Post Ads'

September 2015

Topman gave fans exclusive access to its fashion show through a YouTube livestream while simultaneously debuting the first-ever international Shoppable Hangout on Google+. Customers were able to buy multiple looks as worn by the livestream’s hosts directly via the Shoppable Hangout app. To promote the activity, Topman used the new interactive social ad format +Post Ads, which transforms a piece of Google+ content into a lightbox ad that can run across over 2 million sites in the Google Display Network.


Establish leading-edge position during London Collections: Men

Stimulate brand excitement


Produced YouTube livestream of fashion show

Debuted first-ever international Shoppable Hangout on Google+

Executed homepage takeover on Topman site

Huge Offline store promotion and in London pubs

Used new interactive social ad format +Post Ads


Post Ads achieved average engagement rate of 2.6%

Average 8:36 viewing time of live Google+ coverage

85% of unique viewers clicked from Shoppable Hangout to engage with products

Total social reach estimated at over 14 million


As one of the most fashion-forward brands in UK menswear, Topman is in the habit of making a huge statement at London Collections: Men. This year the brand occupied the leading edge again by launching a packed programme of activity on Google+.

Live coverage puts fans on the front row

The groundbreaking initiative connected users more directly to products and unique experiences accessible only via social media. Through a YouTube livestream of the fashion show, the brand gave fans an exclusive opportunity to follow front row celebrities, influencers and Topman designers during the event.

Viewers were able to access the catwalk and behind the scenes with co-hosts MTV presenter Becca Dudley, fashion expert Darren Kennedy and YouTube stars Jim Chapman and Marcus Butler. Footage from wearable cameras – positioned on British Fashion Council ambassadors, Topman personal shoppers, fashion photographers, and the show’s PR and production teams – gave watchers a remarkable insiders’ view.

World-first Shoppable Hangout brings fashion to life

As a centrepiece to the innovative experience, Topman debuted the first-ever international Shoppable Hangout on Google+. With trends falling into the categories of Country Living, Simply Dapper and Sartorial Pop, customers were able to buy multiple looks as worn by the hosts directly via the Shoppable Hangout app.


"We’re excited to be working with Google+ to showcase Topman’s continued involvement at the forefront of London Collections: Men. Whilst taking users behind the scenes via exclusive access is great, the ability for them to then shop in real time for what our hosts are wearing on camera is a brilliant digital innovation."

Online and offline promotion merges the physical and digital experience

Topman promoted the initiative extensively both online and offline through the windows of their London flagship store at Oxford Circus and with posters and billboards in the interior of the store, while a homepage takeover on the Topman website featured the live hangout. Not only was the real-time coverage projected in pubs in the London Soho area, but it was featured on stage at the fashion show itself.

A new social ad format – +Post Ads – drives discovery across the web

Topman used the new interactive social ad format +Post Ads to promote the activity, too. This brand-friendly format was designed to make it easy to take a piece of Google+ content and quickly transform it into a lightbox ad that can run across over 2 million sites in the Google Display Network. Topman used the format to let all their fashion fans follow the news around their London Collections: Men show, before, during and after it took place, allowing followers to view the live hangout.

The results? Clicks, interaction and coverage

The +Post Ads outperformed expectations, achieving an average engagement rate of 2.6%. Meanwhile the average viewing time of Topman’s live Google+ coverage clocked in at 8:36. The Shoppable Hangout was another huge success, with an astounding 85% of unique viewers clicking through to engage with products. “Working with Google so closely on our partnership during London Collections: Men and testing new display formats using our Google+ content was an exciting digital proposition for Topman,” says the brand’s Digital Marketing Manager, Callum Watt. “The results have been very positive with a strong engagement rate, and we look forward to running future campaigns on this platform.”

Overall, the total social reach of the activity is estimated at over 14 million. (This represents the cumulative number of impressions of all posts from the owned media channels of Google, Topman, Joey Graceff a, Jim Chapman, Marcus Butler, Becca Dudley and Darren Kennedy.) And because fashion week is all about creating buzz, the significant media coverage was another big win, with the story being picked up by style leaders including the British Fashion Council, FashionTimes, FashionUnited, London Collections: Men, Fashion Beauty Insights and PAUSE Magazine.


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