Welcome to the retail edition of Think Quarterly, our digital marketing magazine for businesses establishing their online presence.

December 2017

The growth of digital and the freedom provided by mobile have made customers more demanding than ever. Competition is fierce, and businesses are judged not just on their products and services, but on the quality of their digital experience and the added value they're able to provide.

In this edition, we're going to discuss tools and strategies you can start using today to make more meaningful connections with consumers. We'll start with a few basic customer experience enhancements, before taking a closer look at some different retail marketing goals and the advertising products to use in each case. Finally, we have an excellent article on the nuances of the customer journey by ecommerce experts Practicology.

Going digital is really about adopting a digital mindset and embracing new ideas and ways of doing things. So, as always, our aim in this issue is to provide simple advice that you can follow step by step, without feeling like you need to do it all at once.

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