Creditplus lifts conversions by 55% with a new mobile-friendly form

February 2018

Creditplus is a specialised loan provider in Germany. They have understood the importance of mobile web as it is becoming a strategic customer acquisition channel. That’s why the marketing teams were keen in partnering with Google to enhance the form’s user experience, load time and performance on mobile.

About Creditplus Bank AG

Headquarters in Stuttgart

Member of the Crédit Agricole Group


Boost user experience on mobile

Improve page speed

Increase conversion rate


Implemented new mobile-first online form

Launched AdWords campaign linking to new form


55% conversion uplift

The Creditplus team understood that an application form that is easy to fill out and appears as short as possible would allow them to improve conversion rate. Creditplus started by building a clickable prototype of the form. They then met with the user experience experts from Google to discuss the potential improvement this form could benefit from.

Creditplus implemented the suggested mobile user experience changes, iterating over time to refine the form. The team used the existing Google AdWords campaigns to promote their online loans. By promoting the new form on their existing campaigns, they achieved a conversion uplift of 55%.

"We got great insights and identified remarkable takeaways in our user experience sessions – very helpful and inspiring for us!"

– Matthias Rögele, Product Owner Marketing, Creditplus Bank

The marketing team also ran an A/B test through Google Optimize 360 on their AdWords campaign for desktop investigating the following hypothesis: an improved mobile application form is going to increase the conversion rate on desktop. The successful results convinced Creditplus to implement the new application form – originally intended for mobile – across all campaigns.

"The impact on our Google Adwords campaign was significant!” declared Christoph Raue, Head of Marketing for Creditplus Bank. “The effort invested in improving the application form, alongside Google paid off. It’s a big success and we need to keep collaborating like that!"



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