Dubai-based consultancy business en motion boosts new website visitors by 82% thanks to Google AdWords

November 2015

Dubai-based business consultancy and learning organization business en motion has been serving GCC countries for over 10 years and has recently expanded into Nigeria, India and Thailand. It works with companies by facilitating organizational development, leadership, coaching, strategic changes and solutions to corporate conflict.


Drive traffic to website

Generate new leads in new industries

Encourage contact from prospective clients


Initiated search campaigns using Google AdWords

Used Google Analytics to monitor campaign outcomes


More than twofold increase in average visit duration

82% growth in visits from new users

600% return on investment from AdWords

87% profit margin

Managing Director Debbie Nicol explains the business’ main challenges: demonstrating the company’s distinguishing values, reaching potential customers in a way that’s convenient to them and gaining continuous exposure efficiently and effectively. “Although many SMEs are not willing or able to invest in ongoing marketing, we prioritize it,” she says. “Despite being small, we know we are as good as our larger competitors and can target the same audience.“

The company’s goals are to drive traffic to the website, generate new leads in new industries and encourage contact from prospective clients. One year ago, business en motion started using Google AdWords alongside other marketing and branding solutions. “My audience consists of busy people, so AdWords’ simple, short, straight-to-the-point format is ideal,” Debbie explains.

"My audience consists of busy people, so AdWords’ simple, short, straight-to-the-point format is ideal."

-Debbie Nicol, Managing Director, business en motion

Support from AdWords customer service has proved instrumental in getting the most from the channel. “I rest assured that my campaign is being looked after diligently by the customer service team,” Debbie reveals. “The great thing is that they can ring me on my mobile. They invest in me as a customer, allow me to gain a deeper understanding of the material and open up my mind to other things. I rarely get a one-word answer. Instead, the specialists guide me through in detail. These are customer service specialists that know the Middle East and provide relevant advice to this region.”

The successful formula has helped business en motion produce outstanding results. “I monitor Google Analytics closely for clicks, unique visitors, peak visit times,” Debbie says. In one quarter, the average time that consumers spent on the business en motion website more than doubled, visits from new users increased by 82% and the overall return on investment from AdWords was approximately 600%, with a profit margin of 87%. Based on metrics like these, Debbie plans to increase business en motion’s daily AdWords budget to drive even greater gains going forward.

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