Five factors of transformation in digital marketing: Automation

Aycan Satır / October 2019

We continue with the “Automation” issue, which enables you to get the most efficient results from online marketing campaigns, in a series of articles that examine five factors of digital marketing transformation in detail.

Through the maturation of companies in digital marketing , automation plays a key role in the growth of their business. Organisations are able to increase productivity in marketing activities and carry out strategic studies according to business goals thanks to machine learning, one of the most advanced technologies of today. What are the main areas and uses of automation?

1) Benefit from machine learning in marketing

You can simplify the process by using automated tools in digital media planning and implementation. Thanks to the Performance Planner in the interface of your Google Ads account, you can automatically calculate the budget of your campaigns based on clicks or conversion metrics.

Using automation technology to reach relevant audiences is an important area that is sometimes overlooked. Utilising Machine Learning technology for Similar audiences, Detailed Demographics, Audiences on the Market and Interest audiences in your YouTube, Gmail, Search and Shopping Ads campaigns will help you take an important step towards digitisation. By reporting the performance of the audiences you have reached in your campaigns, you can make more strategic decisions in your future marketing plans.

2) Automate your digital marketing activities

Automating bidding on different channels using data and machine learning will help you get better performance from campaigns. You can take advantage of automated bidding strategies to suit your different business objectives such as increasing sales, driving traffic to the site, increasing return on investment, increasing visibility and collecting leads.

You can adopt different automated bidding strategies based on your business objectives:

Improve the efficiency of your advertising creatives with advanced algorithms and automation. With Responsive Display and Responsive Search ads, you can increase the effectiveness of your ads and automate the process of creating different ad text. is one of the leading brands that measures the sales it receives from both online and offline channels as well as increasing the advertising efficiency by successfully applying automatic campaign and bidding methods suitable for business metrics. The agency, which manages the digital campaigns of and the brand, has adopted the strategy of Maximising Conversion Value instead of Enhanced Cost-Per-Click in its Dynamic Search campaign for the Cyprus Hotels category. Thanks to this strategy, it generated 240% more ROAS and 200% more revenue at a cost of 11% less than the original campaign, and the conversion rate increased six times. Digital Marketing Manager Bünyamin Yıldırım says; Otomasyon Automation is a powerful way for to achieve its business goals and to communicate with the right people. We continue to increase our productivity by using bidding strategies for different objectives through machine learning.

3) Create ROI-oriented marketing strategy

It is also important to plan your marketing investment strategies according to your business metrics such as profitability, growth, customer lifetime value. This way, you can report the results of your advertising investments according to metrics that are important to you and automate the process according to these metrics.

Finally, one of the most important steps: if you are a multi-channel brand, if you get sales from both online and physical shops, you should consider both online and offline impact of your investments in digital channels. Measuring how many shop visitors you've attracted from your Search ad will reflect the campaign's success more accurately. You can also achieve higher throughput by running automated bidding strategies based on your multi-channel goals.

Automation is the key to taking your search marketing from good to great