Mobile UX changes help Koçtaş grow Shopping campaigns’ revenue by 567%

January 2018

Through a network of physical stores and an ecommerce site, Koçtaş is a leading home improvement and DIY retailer. In terms of interface, design and user experience, Koçtaş’s website wasn’t suited to the needs of modern consumers, which was affecting online sales. The team felt that their advertising investments struggled to bring good results because of the limitations of the website. To overcome these challenges, they redesigned the website and switched to a responsive approach to fit the customer behaviours of the mobile-first world.

About Koçtaş

Home decoration retailer

Launched in 1955

Headquarters in Istanbul


Improve online sales

Optimise mobile experience


Switched to responsive design

Implemented user experience improvements

Increased mobile budget


Increased mobile traffic by approximately 320%

Grew revenue from AdWords Shopping campaigns by 567%

Increased Shopping campaigns’ ecommerce conversion rate by 26%

Increased Shopping campaigns’ product sales by 574%

Improved website product sales by 45%

Improved website ecommerce conversion rate by 15%

With the relaunch of the online store, Koçtaş aimed to provide a unique shopping experience to customers through a fast and user-friendly interface that could adapt to all screens. The project included an overhaul of the menu structure, the simplification of the purchase process to a single page, greater clarity in the product and category detail pages and a more modern interface with new UI elements and colour palettes.

As a result, Koçtaş increased mobile traffic by approximately 320%, which then led the team to increase the mobile investment ratio from 10% to more than 70% of the total budget. Revenue from AdWords Shopping campaigns jumped by 567% with user experience improvements and increase in mobile budget. “We’ve improved the product sales on the website by 574%, and our ecommerce conversion rate has increased by 26% on Shopping campaigns”, Anıl Can Öztürk (Digital Channels and Business Development Manager at Koçtaş says. “What’s more, we have increased our conversions on all devices by giving users a common experience on all devices and resolutions.”

Looking ahead, Koçtaş hopes to improve the user experience further by performing A/B tests on the mobile website. “We aim to increase our website conversions and market share from many channels by increasing our investments in mobile. With Google's Data-Driven Attribution model, we’re aiming to make more effective channel-based optimisations by measuring a share of every touchpoint we capture in addition to conversions we receive as last clicks.”

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