Improves Mobile User Experience with Speed Optimisations

November 2017

Established in 2008, offers a free online service that allows consumers to compare thousands of financial products. With people relying on their phones to do all kinds of research, the team wanted to make sure they were doing everything possible to give consumers a great user experience on mobile.


Established in 2008

Head office in Cirencester, UK

Rundown Goals

Improve mobile user experience

Rundown Approach

Conducted mobile site audit

Implemented mobile-friendly forms

Applied space saving design

Rundown Results

Reduced average mobile page load time from 11.7 to 3.5 seconds

Increased click-through rate by factor of 2.6

Decreased overall bounce rate by 35%

“We’ve always designed with a mobile-first strategy, but this has recently moved up in priority within the business and is now key to the company’s direction”, explains Creative/UX Lead Karl Dix. Working together with Google’s UK performance activation team, conducted a custom user experience and technical site speed audit. As part of this work, a number of site performance optimisations were proposed for the testing pipeline.

“We had a few challenges, mostly down to amount that we needed to test in order to get the best results live”, Karl says. “But we overcame this by putting a load of ideas through a few design sprints, and we learnt very quickly which worked and which didn’t.” Once testing was complete, implemented important changes to the site. For example, they introduced new mobile-friendly forms and applied space saving design elements like collapsible content, tools, filters and native mobile interactions.

These measures more than paid off. On 3G, the mobile site load time dropped from 11.7 to 3.5 seconds and the click-through rate went up 2.6-fold. Overall, the bounce rate fell by an impressive 35%. “You can see by these initial stats how much a few simple changes have made on a few key areas of our site”, Karl says. “We’re now looking into what other areas these changes could help improve also.”

"To simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak."

- Karl Dix, Creative/UX Lead,

While the audit and optimisations are already delivering a better experience for users, Karl says their impact goes even further. “The suggestions and help that Google has given us have not only helped our users but also improved the way we work as a business. It’s helped us get the mobile-first way of thinking across all areas, not just in the design and build phases. We now question anything that is going up on our site and push for the best outcome straight away.”

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