The quick guide to the 5A's of digital marketing transformation

Dina Barakat, Sara Hamdan / September 2019

Welcome to the first in a series designed to help you improve digital marketing success! We start off with this framework and, in the coming weeks, will take you through in depth pieces that explore each section individually, coupled by local case studies that portray regional success stories. Feeling inspired? Let's get to it.

Achieving digital marketing success is worth the effort. It can earn brands returns as high as 20% extra revenue and 30% lower costs. The first step in progressing is diagnosis: a business needs to be able to objectively assess itself before deciding on key bets and changes.

To that end, BCG recently launched a new matrix that classifies businesses into 5 stages based on their levels of maturity. Their findings show that advanced data-driven technologies drive business growth, but that the right people are needed to ensure success. At the end of the day, it's the combination of organisational and technical best practices that can help scale campaigns. Finally, sustainable improvements require organisational best practices – but some quick data-driven wins are possible. Find out details and download the full report here.

We have taken BCG's framework and complemented it with a breakdown described as the 5A's that, together, provide a roadmap to best-in-class digital marketing strategy. Pairing the 5’As with the BCG matrix can help businesses self assess strengths and weaknesses in a truly transformative way. We have also worked with BCG on this tool that helps them evaluate their maturity on the Google 5 A’s and BCG’s matrix.

So, are you ready? Take a look at the cheat sheet of the 5A's below to get a head start on what you need to improve, and to set clear goals and timely, attainable objectives for your business. Stay tuned for in depth pieces that explore each of the 5A's, as well as local case studies, to follow!

bcg 5a
5 pillars of a holistic marketing measurement plan