Renault drives insights and performance with data-driven attribution

November 2017

A consumer shopping for a car may click on several different search ads before making a purchase, but last-click attribution ignores many of those potential search clicks. As devices multiply and consumer journeys fragment, Renault believed it was crucial to understand which clicks were delivering the most impact so they could invest more efficiently and maximise returns.

About Renault Italia SpA

Established in 1899

Italian subsidiary headquartered in Rome

Rundown Goals

Understand which clicks deliver most impact

Invest more efficiently to maximise returns

Rundown Approach

Switched to data-driven attribution

Optimised account accordingly

Rundown Results

Improved conversion rate by 70% compared to last-click model

Reduced cost per acquisition by 47% compared last-click model

Working together with OMD, Renault Italia SpA decided to switch to a data-driven attribution model in AdWords. By using the new model, sophisticated algorithms would evaluate all of the different paths in Renault’s account – both converting and non-converting – to determine which touchpoints were the most influential.

Factors such as the number of ad interactions, the order of exposure and the creative assets used in each conversion path were all incorporated into the results. The algorithms also contrasted what actually happened with what could have happened to determine which ad clicks were most critical for a conversion.

The data-driven attribution model led to intelligent optimisations, which together delivered best-in-class results for Renault: a 70% increase in conversion rate and a 47% drop in cost per acquisition compared to previous reporting using the last-click model.

"This shows how a smart bidding strategy and data-driven attribution model can increase performance and is a clear example of how data takes on a major role in the planning landscape."

Davide Tremolada, Digital Performance Director, OMD

"The results confirm our expectations and testify to the importance of the new attribution strategy and the value of the analysis that Google tools can offer."

Elisabeth Leriche, Advertising and CRM Manager, Renault Italia SpA

“Considering the variety of touchpoints in the consumer’s purchase process, it’s been particularly valuable for us to measure the impact of each campaign on the conversion path,” says Elisabeth Leriche, Advertising and CRM Manager for Renault Italia SpA. “The results confirm our expectations and testify to the importance of the new attribution strategy and the value of the analysis that Google tools can offer.” 

With the latest metrics in hand, the team report that they’re now reviewing Renault’s search investment to reflect the findings from the new attribution model, and are confident the optimisations will continue to drive success for their lead generation strategy going forward.

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