TE Data Case Study

September 2017

With AdWords Customer Match, TE Data Targets Existing Customers to Boost Conversion Rates and Slash CPA


Promote a new self care portal

Encourage existing users to pay bills and renew subscriptions through the new portal


Adopted AdWords Customer Match


Matched more than 50% of existing customers online

Reduced cost per acquisition by 36%

Increased conversion rate from 3.94% to 7.19%

TE Data is an internet service provider established in 2001 by Telecom Egypt. The company holds 65% of the market share and controls over 70% of the internet bandwidth in Egypt. With digital at the core channel of its marketing initiatives, TE Data has long prioritised investment in innovative tactics to maintain business growth with cost efficiency.

Recently, TE Data launched a new self-service portal to enable customers to easily pay bills and renew their subscriptions. The company needed a way to target existing customers who were already using the company’s internet services in order to encourage them to use the portal.

To tackle these aims, AdWords Customer Match solution provided a perfect fit. Customer Match is a targeting solution that helps you reach your offline CRM customer base across Google platforms . TE Data simply uploaded a data file of existing customers’ email addresses in a very secured method. The team then created a campaign targeting their Customer Match audience. When those users are signed in to their Google account, they would see TE Data’s ads in Google Search.

“Through integrating our internal CRM data with AdWords, we managed to distinguish more than 50% of our customers online,” says Hesham Fahiem, TE Data Head of Digital. “This strategy helped us tailor messages to our customers on Google Search, so they could come log in to the self service portal and finalize their transaction.”

With conversions defined as making a bill payment or renewing a subscription through the portal, TE Data quickly racked up impressive performance gains over standard search campaigns. “We managed to enhance our cost per acquisition by 36% and we enhanced our conversion rate from 3.94% to 7.19%,” Hesham reveals. “We knew the integration would increase the campaign performance, but we were surprised by the significance of the improvement.”

The activity emphasizes the point that it’s no longer enough to have data on different platforms – going forward, it’s increasingly important to integrate different data sources together to produce powerful insights. “The success of this campaign has underlined the importance of taking an intelligent data-driven approach to marketing,” explains Tamer Alphonse, Industry Manager Telecom at Google. “It maximized the ability to target TE Data users efficiently, and therefore enabled us to increase their campaign performance while decreasing their cost per acquisition.”

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