Using DoubleClick Bid Manager, Ooredoo Kuwait Reduces CPA by 88%

February 2015

Ooredoo Kuwait is large telecommunications group with a very precise consumer segmentation strategy guiding its marketing activities. The company was running a special promotion on prepaid recharges, offering 50% discounts for those who recharged within the month as a way to drive conversions among prepaid users. Ooredoo’s agency Vivaki created a one-month campaign to boost conversions at the lowest cost per acquisition possible.


Reach key segments

Lower cost per acquisition

Boost conversions


Employed DoubleClick Bid Manager and DoubleClick Campaign Manager

Segmented audience

Ran cross-device and channel targeting

Utilized upper and lower funnel remarketing tactics


88% reduction in cost per acquisition

54% reduction in CPM

Outperformed conversion target by 200%

Utilizing DoubleClick Campaign Manager, Ooredoo’s site and conversion pages were comprehensively tagged to enable clear segmentation of prepaid and postpaid consumers according to their network plans.

With DoubleClick Bid Manager, Vivaki launched a three-pronged strategy for lower and upper funnel remarketing:

  • Prospecting activity involved widely targeting across all exchanges to maximize reach and drive users into the purchase funnel.
  • Social activity involved reaching those engaging in social media via Facebook Ad Exchange.
  • Mobile activity involved differentiated tactics on apps versus websites.

Vivaki structured the campaign to first drive users to the recharge homepage, retarget those who visited the homepage and then drive them to convert across activities on display, Facebook Ad Exchange and mobile. By employing proper tagging, the team was able to intelligently segment the audience, and by consolidating efforts across exchanges and channels it was possible to accomplish this cost effectively.

These programmatic tactics produced a staggering 88% reduction in cost per acquisition. Effectively structuring and executing programmatic campaigns allowed Vivaki and Ooredoo to:

  • Reduce CPMs by 54% against the average
  • Consolidate activities across display, social, desktop and mobile
  • Generate 200% more conversions than the target
  • Reach the right consumer audience segments with the right messages

“While effective audience segmentation is important for all types of advertisers, it is especially critical for telecom advertisers who already have a definitive consumer segmentation strategy guiding their marketing efforts,” says Head of AOD MENA Roli Okoro. “Through consolidation of activities and effective site tagging, we were able to realize this strategy online for Ooredoo Kuwait.”

Ali Asgar, Ooredoo Kuwait’s Senior Communications Manager, agrees. “We operate in a fiercely competitive telco market so it is becoming increasingly important for us to leverage our audience data in a meaningful way,” he says. “Through DoubleClick Bid Manager and DoubleClick Campaign Manager we were able to consolidate and segment our audience data, resulting in the ability to run efficient and effective online campaigns.”

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