Eyewa boosts ROAS by reaching valuable users across the customer journey

Shannon Denny / June 2019

Google solutions and automated bidding strategies help the startup achieve a 4:1 return on ad spend

Founded in 2017, Eyewa is a Dubai-based online retailer that has grown to be the largest e-commerce eyewear brand in the GCC. The company was recently selected by the World Economic Forum as one of the 100 Arab startups shaping the fourth industrial revolution.

As a new company, Eyewa’s initial priority was to increase brand awareness and grow their conversion rate. With customers spread across both KSA and UAE, cross-border reach and growth were also priorities.

With digital playing a more prominent role in the lives of users in the GCC region, Eyewa grasped the strategic importance of online marketing and built a digital strategy using a variety of Google products. The approach was designed to reach users across different stages of their customer journey and capture their intent as they moved further down the purchase funnel.

  • To increase reach and generate brand awareness, Eyewa shared engaging and compelling content in a video series on YouTube that included how-to videos and tutorials. They also capitalized on YouTube as a key channel for acquisition and remarketing.
  • Eyewa ran Google Ads to promote the multiple brands and products sold on the site, relying on the keyword planner tool to research keywords in both English and Arabic to achieve depth across their search campaigns.
  • To maximize conversion value and expand their reach, the team created Smart Shopping campaigns, an automated approach to bidding and ad placement that combined the best of both standard Shopping and display remarketing campaigns.
  • For their search and shopping activity, Eyewa set bid strategies according to a target return on ad spend. In this way they could draw in qualified, high-value users who were most likely to make an online purchase.

Thanks to their optimizations and automated strategies, Eyewa achieved significant cost efficiencies alongside an impressive 4:1 return on ad spend. The team plans to apply the learnings and successes they’ve gained so far to forge acquisition campaigns as they continue to grow their product offering and enter new markets.

“Our data-driven, experiment-based marketing approach is at the core of our growth,” explains Anass Boumediene, Eyewa Co-founder and Co-CEO. “It’s important for us to test hundreds of different campaigns, analyze the results, learn from them, and adjust our strategies to optimize our cost per acquisition and cost per order.”


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