With Google Analytics Beter Bed links offline sales to online campaigns

July 2017

As a bedroom furniture retailer with both a website and physical retail locations, Beter Bed was looking to establish a single marketing strategy to include both offline and online marketing.

About Beter Bed

Bedroom furniture

Showrooms throughout Benelux region

Headquarters in Uden, Netherlands

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Connect offline purchases to online data

Improve marketing campaigns


Implemented Google Analytics measurement protocol


Increased revenue attribution to online sources by an average of 250%

Developed more accurate evaluation of results of online marketing efforts

The vast majority of the brand’s customers want to know what their new bed will feel like, so they tend to go into stores to try and buy, especially when it comes to more expensive beds. The company’s challenge was to connect these offline purchases to a user’s previous online activities.

In order to derive insights about the cross-channel effect, Beter Bed turned to the Google Analytics measurement protocol. This feature makes it possible to capture data with any system that has an internet connection. By collecting in-store data and feeding it into Google Analytics in this way, it became possible to connect offline with online data and to attribute offline sales to online campaign sources.

"Now that we connect the online behaviour to the offline sales on a daily basis, we can attribute the real value of the offline purchase to our online campaigns."

- Perijn Hoefsloot, Director E-Commerce, Beter Bed

Since putting the new measurement approach in place, the team has managed to increase revenue attribution to online sources by an average of 250%, effectively enabling a more accurate evaluation of the results of online marketing efforts. “We’ve always expected that there was an effect of online on offline, but we were never able to prove it with data”, explains Max Koster, Online Marketing Specialist at Greenhouse Group. “Now that we can, we can see the direct effects of online to offline. It also shows that paid search not only attributes to online sales – what it’s known for – but also prospects for offline stores. And it also works for branding, such as content marketing. These efforts often don’t result in large volumes of direct online sales, but might drive offline sales.”

With these insights in hand, the team is already working on the next step – using the same system to improve the customer experience. As soon as a user returns to the Beter Beds website, Google Analytics will automatically check if the he or she has previously made an offline purchase. If so, Beter Beds can exclude them from prospecting campaigns and include them in more service-related marketing efforts.

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