Hepsiburada increases campaign revenue by 104% using target return on ad spend (ROAS)

May 2017

As a primary focus, Hepsiburada is making the most of digital channels by utilising online advertising.

About Hepsiburada

Online retail site with over 2 million products

Launched in 1998

Headquarters in İstanbul


Improve return on investment for select product categories in search ads


Adopted target return on ad spend (ROAS) for search


Increased campaign revenue by 104%

Improved ROAS by 36%

Boosted conversion rate by 74%

"We have tried many manual optimisation strategies in search campaigns for categories where we knew the potential was high. We wanted to move forward with a different bidding strategy to bring out the potential and decided to adopt target ROAS."


- İbrahim Öztürkcan, Head of Digital Marketing & Analytics, Hepsiburada

Google’s query-level bidding technologies and auction time bidding optimisation helped Hepsiburada achieve its targets. Previously, the company had been spending category budget to reach low-funnel customers in order to maximise profit. By adopting targetROAS, Hepsiburada was able to instantly put forward more competitive bids for potential customers. This bid strategy was tested for two months in order to achieve the desired ROAS and attract potential users to the site by optimising bids.

The results were more than encouraging. Compared to a similar time period where auto bidding was not used, the new strategy enabled Hepsiburada’s campaign revenue to increase by 104%. ROAS went up by 36% and the conversion rate got a 74% boost. According to İbrahim, these gains have helped firmly establish the strategy going forward. “We’re planning to use target ROAS in more campaigns across different product categories in order to maximise performance.”

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