Johnson & Johnson cut cost per unique user by 21%

Kimberly McCabe / March 2017

Le Petit Marseillais is a part of the Johnson & Johnson portfolio and a leading beauty brand rooted in natural and non-toxic ingredients. Le Petit Marseillais recently launched its new range of shower gels, Les P’tits Bonheurs. With the product’s ability to appeal to the senses, Johnson & Johnson France invested heavily in immersive video content to support the launch and create awareness.


Create brand awareness

Efficiently manage frequency and reach


Adopted Google Marketing Platform, Search Ads 360, Campaign Manager and Google Analytics 360

Linked site-based data with ad-based data

Consolidated all possible media buys in programmatic via Cadreon with Google Marketing Platform

Created advanced audiences from search, site behavior and YouTube for targeting and reporting


19% increase in reach among target

21% improvement in cost per unique user

Accessed analytics data on post-view traffic and identified this as true traffic (as opposed to post-click traffic)

Whereas previous approaches led to fragmented media buys across various publishers, Johnson & Johnson France wanted to consolidate buying to centralize management of reach and frequency. Advised by their agency J3 France, they adopted the Google Marketing Platform1 full technology suite and unified their media buys through Cadreon. This new setup gave the brand a newfound ability to not only programmatically serve ads across platforms and publishers, but also to connect ad-centric and site-centric data to inform audience creation and optimisations.

Google Customer Stories: Johnson & Johnson - Le Petit Marseillais

Google Marketing Platform enabled programmatic media buying – including YouTube’s TrueView video format – while Search Ads 360 allowed for search bidding. The team used Campaign Manager to plan, execute and measure Les Petits Bonheurs campaigns, and leveraged Google Analytics 360 to measure user activity on the brand’s website.

"The insights really helped us understand the consumer journey better and improve audience targeting."

-Pascal Le Clainche, Digital Director, Johnson & Johnson France

The full integration empowered Johnson & Johnson to discover and create valuable audiences. They used their YouTube channel audiences to target users likely to be interested in Les P’tits Bonheurs products. They then used Google Analytics 360 to segment website visitors into different audiences based on visit durations and specific on-site behaviors. Search Ads 360 allowed them to create further audiences based on users’ previous keyword searches.

These methods of finding the right viewers and serving relevant ads at scale paid off; Johnson & Johnson France increased reach among their target by 19% and saw a 21% improvement in cost per unique user.

"We saw that we could have better reach and better quality in how we touched people, plus deeper insight into the consumer journey."

-Chrystèle Lacombe, Marketing Director, Johnson & Johnson France

Beyond these powerful metrics, the team also expanded from standard post-click traffic metrics to more comprehensive post-view traffic metrics. This gave the team insight into how visitors behave after viewing an ad. Regardless of the traffic source, post-view traffic showed a 30-fold increase in visit duration, while halving bounce rate. Johnson & Johnson France realized post-view traffic is the truest indication of earned traffic from their campaigns. They’re now focusing on this traffic in their analytics.

Google Marketing Platform's full technology suite also gave visibility into how the campaign drove consumers to interact with other products, brands and categories within the Johnson & Johnson portfolio – a useful insight that will inform efforts to cross-pollinate engagement going forward. The campaign's success has encouraged Johnson & Johnson to roll out the setup across all brands over the coming year.

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