What MENA searched for in 2019

Zain Masri, Sara Hamdan / January 2020
What MENA searched for in 2019

Google’s annual Year in Search provides a window for marketers into the people, events, and moments that resonated around the world - and 2019's video, centered on the topic of heroes, will give you goosebumps. Now, we take it a step further to analyze what MENA searched for in a video highlighting key regional topics throughout the year.

Taking a closer look at search trends can help you build a more relevant campaign - and it begins with a deep understanding of audience insights. Developing creatives based on user interests - and clear audience profiles - is a strong foundation for any campaign. So what was top of mind in 2019 in MENA?

Saudi Arabia is undergoing unprecedented social change and the excitement is clear from top search trends across MENA in 2019. From general search queries around Riyadh Season to new concerts for the first time in decades, such as the Korean pop group BTS's performance, people from around the region were eager to participate in these historic moments online.

MENA's love of music shines through in an ongoing interest in a variety of genres and performers, from local favourites including Mohamed Ramadan to new releases by Kairokee Group to the never-ending love for Baby Shark.

Trending events, such as the Cairo and Gouna Film Festivals, took center stage while sports fans followed major events, such as the African Cup of Nations, with close interest.

Whether a marketer wants to plan ahead to lead up to a major moment or ride the wave of a surprising overnight trend, such as the bottle challenge, search trends are a great way to understand what matters most to people to inform your campaigns.

What is MENA searching for?