What is MENA searching for?

Sara Hamdan, Zain Masri / October 2019

Why use search trends to build a campaign? It’s a great way to gather insight on people’s passions and pain points. This can inform the way you tell the right message to the right person at the right time.

Taking a closer look at search trends can help you build a more relevant campaign - and it begins with audience insights. Developing creatives based on user interests - and clear audience profiles - is a powerful base for creatives. This could be developed around audience insights from a key seasonal moment like the football fever that took place in Q3 with all the searches around African Cup of Nations, Copa America and the English League. Or you can cleverly ride the wave of a surprising trend that takes over the Internet overnight (we’re looking at you, bottle challenge).

Once you have a creative in place, understanding your audience is a great way to decide when and how to engage them with the right ad. For example, marketers that began advertising a month ahead of theAfrican Cup of Nations before, after and during to a wider base than just football fans had an edge.

What else was top of mind in Q3? Here’s a video on searches in July, August and September to inspire you.

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