Why Saudi’s largest telco built a campaign based on what people search on Google

Hanna Hajjar, Ali Cheikhali / January 2021

How do you talk to your customers if they aren’t familiar with the products you are offering? Saudi Arabia’s largest telecoms operator, stc, was gearing up to debut their 5G services in the region. However, by analysing Google Search queries, they discovered that many local consumers weren’t familiar with 5G’s uses and value yet.

To change that, the team created a video series with popular Saudi YouTube creator Sohayb Quds in which they answered the region’s most searched for 5G queries. And they served these videos to the same people that were typing these questions into Search.

The video case study details stc’s data-backed campaign from inception to results, showing how the telco won over audiences in the region with helpful information about the benefits of 5G — and a generous dose of Saudi humour.

stc's innovative campaign was based on top search queries

For marketers, understanding consumer interest can provide real-time insight into audience needs and sentiment. Here are three key takeaways from this campaign.

1. Stay on top of consumer trends and interests

Having a finger on the pulse can help brands connect with audience passions and pain points. To promote its 5G services, stc’s discovery of the basic search questions around 5G led to a data-driven campaign that was light and informative. Free tools such as Google Trends provide real-time search data that can be useful to capture these user insights when developing a campaign.

2. Test and optimise

The pandemic is causing a digital surge as people go online more than ever to stay connected. Use first-party data to discern audience interests and pain points in their interactions with your brand. You can then perform A/B tests to adapt messaging and evaluate performance to constantly optimise your campaigns.

3. Collaborate with a partner that suits your audience

Once you understand your audience segments, you can consider collaborating with an online creator that fits your brand and audience. stc’s use of humour, driven by Saudi YouTube creator Sohayb Quds, offered a light-hearted way of engaging audiences despite the technical nature of the topic.

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