Being creative in 6 seconds is possible!

Pauline Butor, Fabien Gagnot / October 2019

Who said a 6-second ad could not be sexy? To all the sceptics, the irreducible 30 seconds or the convinced of the first hour, we propose the playbook Sixify Your Mind . A change of perspective to consider the advertising of 6 seconds as an advertising object in itself, able to link creativity and efficiency.

Often considered the last wheel of the coach in the process of creation, often adapted to a longer film, the 6 seconds format deserves all our creative attention.

6 seconds = creativity

Video is the ultimate creative medium. It allows you to tell stories, generate emotions, show products and services and build brands. YouTube has the particularity to offer a great creative freedom and to allow to play with the long formats (e.g. Do not Skip My Project of Societe Generale), very long (e.g. The Elevator in the space of Danette), short (e.g. The French Brief thought of you for Christmas ) and very short (e.g. Quiet & Zen by Lipton Green Ice Tea).

6 seconds, it's very short. Too short? Often, the constraint is good. It can even catalyse creativity. When time is limited, you have to make choices (every half second counts) and quickly define the advertising framework: who, what, where. Everything must be thought: the storytelling, the message, the visuals, the sound. For 6 seconds are enough to pique curiosity, share a sensation, make people laugh, make you want to go further. In short, convince.

The aptly named Bumper knocks very creatively. Key to the performance of campaigns since, according to ComScore, the creator account for 47% in the impact on sales.

The constraint is good. It can even catalyse creativity

The Sixify your Mind playbook proposes a new approach, delivering not a collection of best practices, but new angles of view to build this advertising format. The Bumper is thus compared to a hug, a joke, a meme, a table, a date... The object of a hug is not to leave a pleasant feeling to its target, while suspending the time during a few seconds?

6 seconds = efficiency

True haiku of advertising, the 6 seconds format can strengthen a media plan by teaser or echo, play the repetition on specific targets. And the results are there. The Bumper format generates reach, incremental coverage (+ 78% of reach for the mix of Bumper + TrueView vs. TrueView formats alone). The advertising memorisation is boosted: + 20% average advertising memorisation and + 38% when the Bumper format is combined with a skippable vs. a preroll format. use of preroll alone. 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, efficiency!

Change focus, Sixify Your Mind!

Sixify Your Mind
How to ensure your video creative is driving performance