Editor’s top picks of 2019

Sara Hamdan / January 2020

As we enter a new decade of marketing, it’s an informative practise to look back at successful pieces on Think with Google MENA that resonated most with our readers. In case you missed it, here are three favourites from 2019.

Getting to know YouTube’s biggest Middle Eastern audience: Millennials

Did you know that today’s millennial generation is not only the largest and most educated in the history of the world, it’s also the most researched and brand loyal? More than 60% of viewers in MENA are millennials, comprising YouTube’s biggest Middle Eastern audience, second only to the US when it comes to watch time. In fact, Saudi Arabia alone is the biggest user of YouTube per capita worldwide.

3 steps to becoming a creative maestro

Have you seen the world’s first ever TV ad? It was actually a radio ad for Bulova watches repurposed for TV by adding a static image. Sounds familiar? Instead of the standard approach of a creative brief for a TV ad that is then edited into shorter versions for online video, thinking ‘digital first’ requires a mind shift in strategy. Google’s creative team follows a three step guide to a fresh creative approach that you can implement.

Your go-to MENA retail calendar

From Valentine's Day to Black Friday, this insightful infographic lays out the key retail moments of the year with actionable takeaways every marketer needs to know. Discover essential details including how early consumers begin to search ahead of a moment and clear action steps to engage specific audiences.

What MENA searched for in 2019