How Lea & Perrins Reached Younger Consumers Through a YouTube Collaboration with Sorted Food

October 2014

When Heinz wanted to inspire younger cooks to use Lea & Perrins Worcester sauce, the brand partnered with Sorted Food, a YouTube channel with particular strength in the 18-to-30 age bracket. With its established community and credible social footprint, Sorted Food proved a perfect fit for Heinz. Together they produced 10 recipe videos and two road-trip videos exploring the roots of Worcestershire sauce. Heinz then drove reach among relevant consumers using TrueView ads and remarketing lists. The result: 2.2 million channel views, increased brand awareness and a whole new audience of inspired younger consumers.


Inspire use and consumption of Lea & Perrins sauce

Drive trial and awareness among younger consumers


Launched Lea & Perrins YouTube channel

Collaborated with Sorted Food to produce a series of videos

Created five TrueView ads to extend reach among foodies

Used sequential remarketing to address interested consumers


2.2m channel views – equivalent to three years’ watch time

90% average view rate

One new subscriber gained for every 107 views of the content

Strong increase in brand awareness and brand recognition

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