Jarir secures best-in-class results with YouTube’s new TrueView for action format

July 2018

Jarir offers a wide range of products in both physical stores and online, including office and school supplies, children’s toys and educational aids, Arabic and English books and publications, arts and crafts materials, computer peripherals and software, mobile phones and accessories, audio visual instruments and photography tools. Wanting to encourage more activity at Jarir.com, the brand embraced an innovative approach using YouTube’s new format, TrueView for action.


With TrueView for action, Jarir sees uplifts in ad recall, awareness, consideration and even purchase intent


Achieve awareness and reach for Jarir's ecommerce platform

Drive traffic to Jarir.com

Stimulate online activity like product views, checking in-store availability, adding items to the shopping cart completing transactions


Launched YouTube campaign

Leveraged Masthead, TrueView for action and Bumper formats


Reached 12.4 million unique users overall, with TrueView for action ads alone reaching 8.3 million unique users

TrueView for action ads drove 152,000 visitors to Jarir.com

Best-in-class uplifts in ad recall (69%), awareness (22%), consideration (15%) and purchase intent (9%)

"Embedding TrueView for Action as a core part of our communication strategy has served a double purpose; not only did it drive a critical mass of user actions on our site, but it also significantly moved our brand metrics across the purchase funnel – from brand awareness all the way to purchase intent." Nora Nasser, Digital Marketing Manager, Jarir Bookstore

While Jarir has amazing offline brand equity in KSA, the business wanted to encourage more customers to visit, browse and buy from Jarir.com. The team had two aims in mind: not only were they were looking for a way to bring new audiences to the website, but they also wanted to make sure that as many users as possible actually went on to use the site.

TrueView for action video ads allow advertisers to customise a call to action to drive the outcome that’s most important to their business. So by using the new format, Jarir could promote on-site actions (such as product views, checking in-store availability, adding items to the shopping cart and transactions) at the same time as achieving awareness and reach for their ecommerce platform.

Served in two phases, the video-based campaign concentrated on explaining to users that they could buy online on Jarir.com, while also making it easy for them to do so. The first phase included a Masthead ad to make a big awareness impact, while TrueView for action ads reinforced the message to the target audience, drove consideration and facilitated user actions. A combination of demographic, interest-based and in-market targeting helped Jarir reach relevant users. Once consumers had viewed the video, Bumper ads were used to remarket to them and double down on the message.

The second phase saw Jarir leverage TrueView for action with negative remarketing to extend the campaign’s reach and drive user action among those who hadn’t yet viewed the video. Again, Bumper ads were employed for remarketing to users who did view the video.

Overall, Jarir’s YouTube campaign reached 12.4 million unique users, with TrueView for action ads contributing more than any other format at 8.3 million unique users. But that’s not all – the campaign also drastically affected brand metrics across the entire purchase funnel. A Brand Lift study showed best-in-class uplifts in ad recall (69%), awareness (22%), consideration (15%) and even purchase intent (9%).

And by optimizing for website visits, TrueView for action drove 152,000 consumers to visit the Jarir site. The exceptional strength of Jarir’s Brand Lift results combined with the real effect on Jarir.com user activity proves the genuine value of the new TrueView for action format.

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