L’Oreal’s Elvive Uses Data to Inform Multiple, Personalized Creatives

Angela Hundal / February 2019

The Challenge to Solve

For L’Oréal’s Elvive campaign, the team wanted to target women with hair-damage issues. According to the brand, damaged hair is the number one hair-care related concern for women, and is impacted by a number of factors. Unlike competitors, L’Oréal’s Elvive Total Repair 5 tackles all issues related to hair damage, with the brand wanting to communicate the product’s USPs to individual target customers in a new and innovative way.

Also, L’Oreal overall has embarked on a precision journey, making data at the heart of its marketing agenda. The main objective behind the planning was to leverage data and insights to build the right profiles of the potential and current “Elvive” customers.

“Consumer centricity is at the heart of everything we do at L’Oreal, and our focus on Elvive is to understand how our expertise on demanding hair can solve the specific concerns of our GCC consumers. A personalized campaign on Elvive Total Repair 5 was a perfect fit: showcasing the science behind our innovative products to fit each consumer’s unique digital journey” Christian Bou Khalil Brand Manager L’Oreal Paris Elvive

Use the Right Approach to Target Your Audience

UM, L’Oreal’s media agency, worked closely with the Elvive brand team to transpose this approach into an actionable data driven execution. Mixing first- and third-party data collected across web and social channels, the agency managed to better understand the target customers and map out their attitudes, preferences and behaviours, creating 8 core segments that could become loyal “Elvive” customers. This was translated into a fully data-driven plan that encompassed robust targeting, diversified inventory planning and customized creatives. The result? Thirty YouTube videos and 2,000 dynamic display creatives presented to customers at pivotal moments that drove maximum impact, making sure to also build a story around successive engagements, so that the Elvive story is reinforced with multiple interactions.

“For the first time, our teams were able to pioneer a new storytelling strategy in what we call scaled personalization. Instead of building from the brand’s perspective, we were able to create over 30 tailored videos and 2000 images from audience signals. This new approach proved more relevant from a consumer perspective and the results broke previous benchmarks and records, especially in terms of brand lift and engagement (53% rise in VTR and 43% in CTR).” Sofiane Haddadi Media & Data Director, L’Oreal Middle East

Personalised marketing boosts ad recall and product consideration

L’Oréal measured its campaign success by looking at results covering brand and product awareness; ad recall (for both Elvive users and non-Elvive users); and product consideration. All metrics were successful, with a 53% increase in campaign view through rates; a 42% increase in click through rates and a 34% lift in brand awareness among people exposed to the ad. The campaign also resulted in an 8% lift in ad recall among non-Elvive users (+260% increase versus Elvive users) and an 8% lift on product consideration among Elvive users.

"The utilisation of UM’s ACE personalisation framework for L’Oreal was made possible thanks in large part to Google’s Marketing Platform (formerly Doubleclick). We were able to take full advantage of the technology stack to execute a campaign to make all parties proud. Everything from audience identification and segmentation through to dynamic creative serving, measurement and optimisation was accomplished with Google." Andrew Ene Associate Digital Director UM
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