Mobily‘s World Cup content generates 113 years of watch time

April 2015

Mobily wanted to leverage FIFA World Cup passion among Saudi youth to strengthen brand preference. While other brands simply ran their TV ads online, Mobily adopted a YouTube-first approach. In creating content especially for the channel, Mobily aimed to maximize efficiency by targeting Saudi Arabia only, benefit from the storytelling and creative freedom of long-form videos and connect with the target audience in a cost-efficient way.


Connect with youth segments in Saudi Arabia

Strengthen brand preference

Capitalize on football passion during FIFA World Cup


Commissioned a popular Saudi comedian to film webisodes in Brazil

Adopted a YouTube-first approach in sharing content with fans

Maximized efficiency by targeting Saudi Arabia only


Generated 24 million views and over 113 years of watch time

32x increase in YouTube searches for Mobily

81x growth in channel subscribers; Mobily now the global leader among telcos in YouTube subscriber base

With AdWords and AdMob, Opensooq’s App expanding across the Middle East