Most Popular Articles 2016

December 2016

It’s been a busy year for Think With Google MENA and we’ve seen some trends in our top performing articles about what interested you most. It’s clear that there is a real thirst for data driven pieces that give insight into MENA’s digital marketing and advertising landscape. Also, given that YouTube viewership is the highest in the world in MENA - coupled with high smartphone and Internet penetration rates - it’s no surprise that you looked most for articles about video and YouTube. Lastly, you enjoyed reading educational content on technical topics, such as demystifying programmatic and new research on consumer behavior. We are pleased to share with you our top three most popular stories on Think With Google MENA in 2016. Happy reading!


1.Rise of YouTube in MENA

Mobile watch time of online video in the MENA region is one of the fastest growing in the world, rising by 90 percent year on year. Yes, people love cat videos, but what is really driving this rising popularity in online video consumption in MENA? Find out what consumers are watching and how you can leverage the platform for your brand in this insightful article.

2.What’s Programmatic and Why is Everyone Talking About It?

Want to know more about what everyone is calling “the future of digital advertising?” At a glance, programmatic may seem full of acronyms and complex concepts, but its foundation is simple. Programmatic is really just the marriage of two words: programme and automatic. Learn to describe programmatic in a way that even your parents could understand.

3.Case Study: Almarai's YouTube-only Blast for its Biggest Launch

Want to know more about what everyone is calling “the Dairy & food company Almarai revealed in May 2016 its biggest product innovation of the year – powdered milk. Due to the high consumption of the product during the holy month of Ramadan, Almarai wanted to launch the product during the 10 days preceding Ramadan. Find out how the 10 day YouTube blast drove brand awareness and customer purchase intent.

Case Study: Almarai's YouTube-only Blast for its Biggest Launch