Mother’s Day Special: How Motherhood Content Creators Established a Supportive Community on YouTube

Mariam Dabbousi, Zain Masri / February 2019

YouTube is helping moms with everything from parenting advice, to entertainment during their moments of downtime.

Over 90% of moms in Saudi Arabia and the UAE and 76% in Egypt use YouTube. They turn to YouTube throughout their parenting journey, for instance learning more about topics like “how to boost my child's self confidence?”, searching for inspiration on topics like “fun activities for children” and more. Research suggests that YouTube plays a role in education with 1 in 3 mothers who watch YouTube saying it helps with the education of their children. Mothers are also highly likely to actively engage with content with 3 in 4 mothers who watch YouTube having done an activity such as post a comment or like a video on YouTube. You can often find mothers connecting in the YouTube comments section to exchange feedback and advice with one another.

Here are some of the top motherhood content creators in the Arab world who help others navigate their parenting journey.

1. SuperMamaVideos (1,400,000 Subscribers)


SuperMama started off as a website and forum for mothers and it now transformed to the largest YouTube channel for motherhood and parenting advice in Arabic. SuperMama brings experts to share tips on a range of content series on “Healthy ingredients you should always have in your kitchen”“What to expect during your baby’s first year”“DIY activities for parents and children” and many more. Since the channel was established in 2011, it garnered over 188 million views and over 1.4 million subscribers.

Last year, SuperMama released this anthem film as a manifesto for their channel and the important role mothers play in family and the community at large.

2. Anasala Family (930,000 Subscribers)


Asala Maleh launched the Anasala Family channel in 2017 to share stories about her experience in starting a family along with her husband, YouTube creator Anas Marwah. Their channel now has almost 1 million subscribers and over 65 million views. The channel primarily focuses on vlogs which document the family’s experiences including milestones like birthdays, traveling, health check-ups, haircuts and many more!

3. Mama Soaad (400,000 Subscribers)


Mama Soaad started her channel in 2016 as a way to remain connected with family and friends across the Arab world after she moved to the United States, she now has over 400 thousand subscribers and almost 30 million views. Soaad creates content alongside her family on a variety of topics including challenges, cooking, travel vlogs and a lifestyle segment.

4. Mama Sima (380,000 Subscribers)


Sima Najjar established Mama Sima, a channel dedicated to ‘How-To’ content, that specifically targets young parents, back in 2016. As a viewer of the countless online ‘How-To’ videos, the majority of which are in English, Sima decided to provide the answers for Arabic-speaking viewers. The channel showcases cooking, lifestyle, parenting and arts & crafts hacks. Mama Sima garnered over 45 million views and almost 380 thousand subscribers. Her content fills a gap in the local market through short edutainment Arabic videos that answer everyday questions and provide DIY tips. Sima also experiments with lifestyle and comedy content, her latest viral sensation was a parody music video titled “Ana Jahze Awlad” (which translates to “I’m ready to deliver my baby”) which she sings to the tune of Ed Sheeran's “Shape of You”. Over 3.5 million viewers tuned in to watch and over 5,500 people engaged with the video.

Sima was able to engage with viewers and brands through her unique content. For instance, she worked with Zain Group to create 28 How-To branded videos, topics ranged from games to technology and the collaboration gained over 310 thousand views.

5. Noon Al Niswa (350,000 Subscribers)

enta qadha

Hatoon is a mother of two and was one of the first online female comedy content creators in the region. With over 350,000 subscribers and 33 million views, she uses her channel to communicate a women’s point of view of living in Saudi Arabia. Her first video back in 2012 had over 700 thousand views and became a viral hit in the process.

Hatoon partnered with several brands during her YouTube journey; she worked with United Motors on a 8-episode automotive web series for women called “Kamily Ala Tool”, a 3-episode female empowerment talk show called “Enty Qadha” in partnership with Goody (Cofique), and social commentary comedy sketches with Orange Bed & Bath. You can learn more about her story through this documentary capturing how technology helped her overcome obstacles, enabled her to forge her own path and inspire others to do the same by learning digital skills.

Happy Watching and Happy Mother’s Day!


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