VIVA Kuwait Case Study

November 2017

VIVA Kuwait boosts brand favorability in a short timeframe using plug-and-play Bumper Ads for Eid

About VIVA

Telecommunications service provider

Launched in December 2008


Improve brand favorability

Grow loyalty and retention

Build brand affinity


Created an Eid Bumper Ad

Included greeting message, logo, jingle and snapshot from full-length Ramadan video

Ran ad for six days


Reached approximately 30% of unique users on YouTube in Kuwait

10.9% lift in brand favorability among users exposed to ad more than once

14% lift in brand favorability among female users

10% lift in brand favorability within 18 to 24 segment

VIVA is the newest mobile telecommunications service provider in Kuwait. Launched in December 2008, the company rapidly established itself in the market with a unique customer-centric approach.

With the aim of improving brand favorability, growing loyalty and retention and building brand affinity, VIVA developed a YouTube campaign to run during the Ramadan period. Produced by creative agency Piston, the one-minute TrueView video ad “Bi Youmnak lawwen dunyak” encouraged members of the Kuwaiti community to come closer, communicate, help, collaborate and spread love among themselves. It quickly gained attention, picking up more than 5 million views.

Believing that communication is key to building a strong bond and affinity, VIVA and its agency Starcom felt it was essential to keep the conversation going with the target audience in order to strengthen the bond. So without any new video content prepared in advance of Eid, VIVA seized the opportunity to capitalise on the buzz of Eid and build on the success of the existing Ramadan video by leveraging a plug-and-play campaign idea for the holiday. Taking just one week to go from ideation to launch, the Memac Ogilvy team produced a six-second video Bumper Ad with an Eid greeting message accompanied by VIVA’s logo and jingle alongside a snapshot from the full-length Ramadan video. The Bumper Ad ran for six days.

With Starcom leading the media execution, the campaign delivered on reach and exposure targets, at a notably low CPM.In just six days it reached approximately 30% of unique users on YouTube in Kuwait at a frequency of six. Mobile took the lion’s share with 90% of user reach.

A Brand Lift survey running in conjunction with the Bumper Ad campaign registered a 10.9% lift in brand favorability for users who were exposed to the ad more than once. Female users and the 18 to 24 segment registered around 14% and 10% lift in brand favorability respectively.

For VIVA, the outcomes exceeded expectations without any compromise on brand impact or cost-effectiveness. “When faced with a creative or production cost challenge, don’t underestimate the impact of simple formats,” says Righad Halabi, Google Senior Account Manager. “If executed well, a brand can use Bumpers – alone or to compliment a longer format – and still achieve lift in lower funnel metrics such as brand favorability. This breaks the myth that long video formats are required to move lower funnel metrics.”

This campaign has provided useful learnings for future digital marketing decisions. Going forward, VIVA will not only consider leveraging the Bumper Ad format as a creative workaround, but also as a proactive, cost-effective way to move important brand metrics.  

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