Unilever's ‘Project Sunlight’ Shines With 77 Million YouTube Views

Project Sunlight is Unilever’s long-term initiative to encourage consumers to live more sustainably. To help people realise the urgency of this issue, the brand developed a TrueView YouTube campaign featuring pregnant couples watching a film depicting a hopeful future. Through a command centre that brought together all of its media partners, Unilever was able to gauge consumer reaction to the video in five countries and tailor responses on a real-time basis to deliver exceptional levels of engagement.

Encourage consumers to live more sustainably
Enagage users in Unilever's long-term initiative, "Project Sunlight"
Shot approximately 40 hours of original video footage
Ran a YouTube Trueview campaign in five countries, targeting key audiences in each market
Made a command centre enabling media partners to create content on the fly and respond to consumer reactions in real time
Achieved 77 million views across five countries
Recorded 3 million website visits
Welcomed more than 200,000 people to "Project Sunlight" as a result of the campaign
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