Using DoubleClick Dynamic Creative, Volkswagen Outperforms Industry Average CTR by 80%


To promote Volkswagen’s Tiguan, MediaCom needed to reach four consumer segments across six countries – each with its own currency and pricing. Normally this would have required 24 separate campaigns and 192 banners. But using DoubleClick Dynamic Creative, MediaCom built eight banners mapped to a sheet of market profiles including messages, creatives, prices and currencies. The technology then produced a relevant banner on the fly for each user.

Stimulate awareness and interest in the Volkswagen Tiguan
Reach four segments of consumers across six countries
Used DoubleClick Dynamic Creative to serve relevant banners on the fly
Designed dynamic banners to fit eight ad units
Created a matrix of messages, prices, currencies and creatives
Reduced banner design requirements by 96%
Produced click-through rate 80% better than GCC industry average
Secured 85 test drives
Secured 85 test drives
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