flynas attributes SADAD transactions correctly and efficiently thanks to Google, DoubleClick and Latitude developments

May 2018

Latitude Digital Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency specialising in paid media, organic performance, programmatic display and creative.

Rectify disparities in online transaction data
Improve optimisations
Show true value of online campaigns
Integrated completed SADAD payment data into online campaign results
Leveraged Google Cloud Data Transfer and DoubleClick Campaign Manager
87.5% reduction in monthly reporting time
50% drop in cost per sale
32.5% increase in return on investment
“Harnessing the power of marketing automation through DoubleClick, we were able to see for the first time the true value of our digital spend and drive greater efficiency from our investment.” – Khaled Jamal Hasan, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, flynas

flynas, the leading low-cost airline in KSA, utilises SADAD, the national electronic bill presentment and payment system. As a heavy user of digital channels to generate sales, flynas adopted the off-site payment mechanism to simplify and provide confidence to users booking flights online, as well as to drive business growth. It’s been difficult to prove the incremental value though, due to the inability to accurately measure and attribute completed SADAD transactions.

A user booking a flight with SADAD executes the purchase on, but then must confirm the transaction within four hours through other methods such as ATM, telephone or through his bank account. In the first half of 2017, just over 90% of flynas’ AdWords bookings were completed through SADAD, but only 35% of users would go onto complete the transaction. This ultimately caused disparities in online transaction data, leading to inefficient optimisation and making it difficult to show the true value of online campaigns. This resulted in low media investment in a highly competitive market. In order to help flynas increase online revenues, a robust tracking solution was needed to integrate the offline SADAD data into the online space.

To solve the problem, Latitude created a bespoke solution utilising a combination of DoubleClick Campaign Manager and Google Data Transfer. SADAD IDs were captured within floodlight tags and then cross-referenced against completed SADAD transaction IDs within Latitude’s online aggregation tool. The tool reconciled SADAD transaction IDs collected offline against SADAD IDs captured in flynas’ DoubleClick activity tags via an integration with Google’s log-level DoubleClick data transfer. In this way, the team has created a feedback loop to attribute transactions and revenue correctly and efficiently through DoubleClick Search and Campaign Manager.

Getting a complete view on this dataset within the DoubleClick platforms has enabled flynas to utilise advanced DoubleClick features such as DoubleClick Search bidding strategies, DoubleClick Campaign Manager data driven-attribution and DoubleClick Studio dynamic remarketing. It has also facilitated wider online channel integration to DoubleClick, allowing flynas to get a complete view on performance of wider digital activity, something that they haven’t been able to realise before.

Through increased visibility on performance data, the company was able to drive a 50% decrease in cost per sale, improving the return on investment by 32.5%. This proved the value of search and programmatic marketing, and led the team to increase spend throughput by 886% year over year. Their reporting time has also been cut by 87.5%, allowing more time to be spent on campaign management, strategy and expansion.