Mondelēz Branding Consolidation Case Study

Mondelez MENA adopted DoubleClick's programmatic solution to consolidate their digital media branding activities efficiently, conserving their data fidelity to build brand awareness and maximize reach. Through centralizing their campaign buying and measurement in DoubleClick, Mondelez successfully scaled their online reach, while minimizing duplication, to achieve a 54% increase in unique reach while maintaining a cross device holistic view of the user.

Increase brand awareness and maximize reach were the primary campaign objectives
Unify the campaign in DoubleClick Bid Manager to control the reach and manage frequency
Launch campaigns across mobile web, mobile app and desktop environments
Complement display with TrueView on DoubleClick Bid Manager
Implement brand safety to ensure Mondelez only appears against safe surroundings
Use viewability targeting for desktop and mobile
Reduced cost per unique reach by 47% compared to previous campaigns targeting the same audience on other platforms
Used a single platform to frequency cap the campaign which effectively maximized unique reach
Achieved 54% increase in unique reach compared to previous campaigns
Mondelēz International Improves Campaign Effectiveness With Google's Brand Lift Solution