OSN Case Study

Jan 2018 Cross-Media

AdWords Call-Only campaigns help OSN reduce cost per acquisition by 82%

About OSN
Direct-broadcast satellite provider serving the Middle East and North Africa
Formed in 2009
Headquarters in Dubai Media City, UAE
Overcome very high cost per acquisition
Activated call-only ads in AdWords
Reduced cost per acquisition by 82%

OSN is a direct-broadcast satellite provider serving the Middle East and North Africa. It offers popular entertainment content such as movies, sporting events and TV shows from major networks and studios including Warner Bros., Paramount, HBO, Fox, Disney, Sony, Zee Network, MGM, Universal, ESPN and DreamWorks.

OSN faced a very high cost per acquisition, so they improved the mobile experience by making their website responsive. The mobile-friendly site decreased page load times, which contributed to a growth in mobile traffic from 67% of overall traffic to 79%.


AdWords In Under Five Minutes - Create a Call-Only Campaign

At this point, OSN started applying a remarketing strategy on Google platforms to retarget users across screens and devices via a multi-channel approach. To drive quality calls on mobile devices, OSN adopted click-to-call extensions in Google AdWords. The calls were automatically directed to dedicated lines to enable measurement. OSN found that sales generated via these numbers drove down the cost per acquisition by 65%. In many instances, the team saw more calls received by these lines than clicks from the click-to-call ads, so they realised people were dialing the numbers shown in the search ads manually.

Since their click-to-call extensions were showing almost 100% on mobile and desktops, OSN wanted another way to generate more calls. They decided to start using AdWords Call-Only campaigns to retarget users who had visited the website but had not subscribed. When these users searched for OSN keywords on mobile devices, the Call-Only ads would appear, prominently showing OSN’s phone number and business description alongside a call button. Clicks on these ads would only generate calls without linking to OSN’s website.

In this way, OSN was able to drive inbound calls to dedicated phone numbers and to track qualified calls and sales received on those numbers separately. This showed a reduction in the cost per acquisition of 82%. Looking forward, OSN is planning to expand their call-only ad strategy beyond remarketing as a way of targeting users who are in the consideration phase and have never been to the website.

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