Flashback: The top 3 articles of May 2020

Elham Rizi-Shorvon, Eva Menger / May 2020

What’s been sparking the interest of our readers on Think with Google Nordics & Benelux? We dug into the data to uncover the top three most-read articles in May 2020.

1. 9 things to watch, read, and listen to for increased productivity

Many of us are spending more time at home right now — and whether we want to admit it or not, this doesn’t always do wonders for our productivity. But other than developing a daily routine and repurposing freed up commuting time to learn new skills, productivity can also be sparked by a healthy dose of inspiration. Compiled by Think with Google editors from across Europe, here’s a list of 9 things to watch, read, and listen to.

2. Consumer behaviours are changing: 3 ways first party data can help you stay on top

As the global impact of the coronavirus is driving consumers online, the challenge for brands is to figure out how to stay ahead of this new reality, give customers what they need, and be well prepared for eventual recovery.

3. Inside Google Marketing: How the pandemic is making us change the ways we plan media

In these times of uncertainty, the typical media planning playbook has been thrown out. Joshua Spanier, VP of global media at Google, shares how his teams are benefiting from a back-to-basics mentality that will ultimately make them better marketers even after the pandemic.

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