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Join our Google Ads livestream trainings

As we're bringing our offline activities online, this page offers an overview of the virtual events and trainings coming up in EMEA. Scroll down to register, watch on-demand recordings, and browse additional resources to dive deeper into each of the subject matters.

App Hub Live

19/05 - 30/06: Join us for a series of weekly webinars in which global Google experts share their knowledge of apps and gaming.

Think Global: Strategic Planning in a Global Economy

09/06 - 18/06: Boost your knowledge with insights, thought leadership and strategies for navigating dynamic global markets.

Digital Agility Week: Adjust & Adapt

08/06 - 11/06: Google product specialists teach effective solutions that can help address the core challenges facing your business.

Google Partners: Navigating the Road Ahead

02/06 - 04/06: Learn the tools and tactics you could use to help you and your clients act with more certainty in the weeks and months ahead.

Mobile on Air

05/05 - 02/06: Discover the latest research, case studies, and tips on building a winning mobile strategy across mobile web and apps.

Learn from Home Week

30/03 - 03/04: From customer lifetime value to performance planning, boost your marketing knowledge with Google’s home learning series.