Where the Dutch consumer journey stands in 2021

Tamara Bos, Defne Gencler / February 2021

This past year was unlike any other for retailers. And with 41% of Dutch consumers still concerned about stores practising safe hygiene1, the unique effect of COVID-19 remains visible. But with vaccines being rolled out, what does the customer journey look like for Dutch shoppers in a post-pandemic world? New Google and Kantar research uncovers changed consumer behaviour across the grocery, personal care, clothing, and home verticals to help retailers understand how to prepare for what comes next.

What changing consumer behaviour means for retailers in 2021 and beyond

Shoppers in the Netherlands expect the shift to online to continue across all verticals regardless of what will happen in the future.2 At the same time, there will be many behavioural changes brought about by COVID-19 that won’t stick. Tools like Google Trends and Rising Retail Categories can help retailers understand how behaviours are developing, while automation offers the flexibility needed to respond to constantly changing demand.

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