Flashback: The top 3 articles of October 2020

Eva Menger / October 2020

What’s been sparking the interest of our readers on Think with Google Nordics & Benelux? We dug into the data to uncover the top three most-read articles in October 2020.

1. Mobile Heroes: Geir Jangås, vice president of digital analytics, Telia Norway

Prioritisation remains one of today’s major marketing challenges. With consumer behaviour in a constant state of flux and technology developing rapidly, developing a strategy is a real challenge. For Telia, a Norwegian telco, this was all the more reason to adopt a customer-centric approach to mobile. In this video, Geir Jangås, head of digital and analytics, shares the key learnings of their journey.

2. How changing course helped one travel company bounce back from disappearing sales

When you work in travel, you learn to be prepared for many eventualities. But even the most conscientious marketer can be forgiven for not having a plan in place when a pandemic resulted in the closing of borders and the halting of international travel. Discover how having a dynamic and flexible playbook allowed Norwegian agency Sempro to help their client bounce back from falling sales.

3. How to put privacy first and accelerate your business’s economic recovery

The time we spend online has soared since the pandemic began — up 60% globally — while interest in online shopping grew 200% during the peak of the crisis. Helping businesses stay connected with their customers, digital tools have been a lifeline during lockdown and will be a catalyst for the comeback. But with this growth comes an increasing demand for privacy from users. Discover why protecting that privacy is critical.

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