Flashback: The top 3 articles of September 2020

Eva Menger / September 2020

What’s been sparking the interest of our readers on Think with Google Nordics & Benelux? We dug into the data to uncover the top three most-read articles in September 2020.

1. How retailers can optimise their online shopping experience in a digital-first world

For retailers, the online shopping surge during the pandemic meant they had to quickly adjust to ensure their sites were able to deliver the best user experience possible. But, with so many other business challenges to juggle right now, how can marketers find the headspace to audit and improve their online shopping experience? Meet Grow My Store, our free online tool that helps you improve your retail website with a detailed report and tailored recommendations.

2. How the power of data transformed Volvo’s digital marketing

The customer path to purchase is a complex one, but none more so than in the automotive industry. And understandably so — with a big-ticket item such as a car, consumers take their time in the research phase before committing to a purchase. Discover how creating a bespoke marketing mix model (MMM) helped Volvo Sweden better understand the customer journey.

3. Holiday shopping will be different this year — here’s how retailers can adapt

61% of consumers in the Nordics planned ahead for their holiday shopping last year. A trend that, with COVID-19 restrictions such as limited opening hours and social distancing measures in place, is likely to be even more prevalent this upcoming season. But what else should retailers know ahead of a holiday season unlike any we’ve seen before? Noelia Fernández Arroyo, Google Northern Europe’s director of sales, shares three recommendations for success.

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