Digital Dialogues: How to adopt a data-driven approach in 6 steps

Elham Rizi-Shorvon / August 2019

How do companies ensure that they are ready for the future? And what does it mean for a company to digitally transform?

Digital Dialogues, a six-part podcast series, explores the steps that companies can take to become a digital and data-driven marketing organisation – while guaranteeing the privacy of their customers.

The podcast is a collaboration between Adformatie and Google and features interviews and discussion with industry leaders, marketers, and specialists. The podcast is available on Spotify and iTunes, but here’s your at-a-glance rundown of the key discussion points. Tune in, and enjoy!

Episode 1: Start with a goal

“The goal is very important. What do you want to achieve? That ultimately leads to what data you need.”

- Niels de Kind, Manager, RTL Nieuws Digitaal & Buienradar

“You need the right automation tools. But just as important - you also need the right people to work those tools.”

- Quinten Selhorst, CEO, felyx

“It helps to gain insight into the rhythm of the consumer (...) There are different rhythms from which different journeys arise.”

- Reynder Bruyns, Head of Digital Strategy, iProspect

Episode 4: The right strategic partner for your company

"In the past strategic partnerships were sometimes more about efficiency and effectiveness, but nowadays they are also about innovation and gaining new capabilities in the field of data and technology."

- Veronique Roos, Partner, PWC Netherlands

Episode 5: Assemble the right team

"Everyone has to start thinking and acting from the customer's perspective. Forming multidisciplinary teams within the organization that will work together on assignments for clients is key."

- Beate van Dongen Crombags, Partner, EY VODW

Episode 6: Test and learn – why it’s ok to make mistakes

"Freedom within a framework is becoming a big thing within L’Oréal, in which we outline a clear framework, but you get the space to try things within it. And digital fits in with this approach well, because you almost never know in advance what will actually come out when you do it for the first time. And that is not necessarily bad."

- Kevin Capota, CMO, L’Oréal

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