Gelato use AdWords to export digital print to a global audience

June 2016

Founded in 2007, Gelato is an award winning company with its sights set on revolutionising the print industry. Operating from their headquarters in Norway, their goal is to democratise access to high quality printing through an intelligent digital print cloud - saving businesses time and money and enabling people everywhere to share their creativity.


Build a truly global intelligent print cloud

Increase efficiency and sustainability of $800bn print industry

Reach millions of global customers with a small team based in Oslo, Norway


Use technology as salesforce with AdWords

Manage growing mobile business from one interface with DoubleClick


Launched markets such as Australia with zero people on the ground

Attracted millions of customers globally, while operating with a very small online marketing team

50% of traffic from mobile devices

Worldwide, printing is an $800bn business, with digital printing alone now ten times the size of the global music industry. An innovative software platform is at the heart of Gelato’s response to this opportunity, enabling the company to take a very different approach to traditional print businesses models. Rather than focusing on owning expensive printing hardware, Gelato instead uses its software to connect print customers with local printers, increasing efficiency and volume for printing businesses, and providing a better, more responsive experience for customers.

Files are always printed as close as possible to the delivery address, and as their print cloud allows multinational businesses to have prints delivered to 40 countries, Gelato’s platform even has a positive impact on the environment: local printing and local distribution leads to increased sustainability and lower carbon emissions compared to traditional centralised printing and distribution.

Gelato use AdWords to export digital print to a global audience

While global coverage means that Gelato has a large footprint, the company still operates with a relatively small team, the majority based in Oslo. Early adopters from the very beginning, they have made extensive use of digital tools to build and maintain their competitive advantage. Gelato was one of the first companies in Europe to move their entire infrastructure to the cloud, giving them a technological edge they plan on keeping through use of rich application frameworks like AngularJS and Polymer. Aware of the ever-increasing importance of mobile devices, the brand has also invested heavily in the mobile user experience, ensuring that marketers have the ability to manage and monitor entire print runs with just a phone or tablet.

"When we reach out and grow Gelato around the world, Google AdWords is our sales force."

-Henrik Müller-Hansen, CEO, Gelato

When it comes to scaling their user base to an international audience, Gelato relies on digital marketing, with Google AdWords at the heart of their strategy. Taking advantage of AdWords’ global reach, rich data, and granular targeting lets Gelato maximise their exposure to customers in-market for printing services while maintaining a positive Return on Investment (ROI). Coupled with the flexibility and agility of their technology, this approach has allowed the brand to make impressive leaps forward, including launching and consolidating their service in Australia - an entirely new market - without ever having to place employees on the ground.

As profit-driven marketers looking to extract maximum value from their advertising budgets, Gelato is constantly seeking ways to achieve more with less. In just one example of the brand’s commitment to leanness and efficiency, all of Gelato’s global marketing activity is handled by a three-person team in Oslo. Leveraging the DoubleClick platform’s ability to manage multiple campaigns with hundreds of tailored messages across dozens of devices has allowed this small group to achieve industry-leading conversion rates and enviable ROI.

With their tenth anniversary fast approaching, Gelato already delivers to 40 countries, and has plans to launch delivery to another 30 during 2016. The brand has continuously achieved double-digit year-on-year growth, and CEO & Founder Henrik Müller-Hansen believes that Google’s products and services will be key to maintaining that performance as they export their digital print cloud to new markets: “When we reach out and grow Gelato around the world, Google AdWords is our sales force.”

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