Hertz sees 215% surge in display revenue with dynamic creative optimisation

August 2018

The digital team at Hertz in Sweden and their agency Nordic Morning noticed that consumers were visiting the Hertz site but dropping out of the booking process before successfully renting a vehicle. Such users had shown a solid interest in Hertz, so the team wanted to discover ways to attract them back to the site in order to drive bookings.

About Hertz

Rental car company

Swedish head office in Stockholm


Create a display strategy covering all stages in the funnel

Utilise customers’ onsite signals


Created an audience in Google Marketing Platform Display & Video 360 made up of previous site visitors who had not completed their booking

Designed dynamic banners in Display & Video 360 featuring special discount offers

Used Display & Video 360 to effectively reach the right consumers

Results display delivered:

215% revenue growth

111% increase in onsite transactions

85% reduction in cost per acquisition

Approach is now part of Hertz’s always-on strategy

Nordic Morning used Google Marketing Platform Display & Video 360 for Hertz to create audiences made up of users who had visited the site, started the booking process and then dropped off. Reasoning that consumers might have abandoned their booking to look for a more competitive price, the Hertz team also created discount offers especially for these audiences. Using Display & Video 360, they designed dynamic banners to include special offers via a feed and set bids to effectively capture the attention of valuable former site visitors.

“The results were amazing! We saw that many people who viewed the banner with the specified offer tended to go back to our site and then convert.”

– Anders Tärnell, Director Digital Sales & Communication, Hertz

Their smart tactics more than paid off. “The results were amazing!” says Anders Tärnell, Director of Digital Sales & Communication at Hertz. “We saw that many people who viewed the banner with the specified offer tended to go back to our site and then convert. The revenue from display increased by 215% since we started with dynamic creative optimisation, and our transactions from display went up by 111%.” What’s more, the cost per acquisition was 85% lower than other display campaigns that Hertz served.

“Now, when we’re building new campaigns, we always have dynamic creative optimisation in mind”, Anders reveals. “It has led us to explore Google’s dynamic creative solution. We’re going to make an even more advanced setup together with Google Marketing Platform and Nordic Morning, and make more dynamic ads that fit our target audiences.”

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