About the Google Digital Academy

January 2018

Do you want to be more digitally-savvy? Want to walk the walk and know how to talk the talk? Then you’ve come to the right place - Welcome to the Google Digital Academy.

We're here to help our agency and client partners build the skills and capabilities they need to stay ahead in the rapidly changing digital world and transform the way their people and businesses operate.

We have a wide range of programmes, from beginner to advanced, two-day long to five months, part-time and full time. There is something to suit every marketer!

...but that’s not all we do. Our overall aim is to help marketers become the driving force behind future business success, so we also carry out an annual survey on digital marketing skills to help you get a sense check on your company’s digital capabilities. This is the Talent Revolution. Hungry for more information? See here.

Need to mobilise your teams for mobile? Become proficient in programmatic? Well, we have something for you. We want to help you to drive change as individuals, in teams, or across the entire organisation.

Not sure what programme is most suitable for you? Want to know more about us and what we do? Simply drop us a line at google-academy@google.com

Programmatic Masterclass