Digital Marketing Transformation Heroes: Meghan Signalness, Global Digital & Media Director, JDE

Digital Marketing Transformation Heroes: Meghan Signalness, Global Digital & Media Director, JDE

May 2020

Why digital marketing transformation is key to meeting consumer needs

When JDE, a leading coffee company from the Netherlands, discovered that the number of their customers purchasing coffee online was increasing, they realised they had to step change the way they managed their digital experiences. “We were typically a TV organisation used to targeting quite wide, and had to stop applying that traditional knowledge to digital. Shifting that mindset, and getting the skillset to match it, was the biggest challenge, ” says Meghan Signalness, JDE’s Global Digital Marketing and Media Lead.

But how has their digital transformation journey changed the way they interact with customers? Here Signalness explains the impact this journey has had on their digital performance.

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Digital marketing maturity has been a topic for JDE for probably three years now.


We realised that we were a bit behind the rest of the world


and where we needed to be in order to be able to give people the opportunity to buy coffee


both in the grocery store and online when they wanted to.


In order to do that we had to really step-change the way that we were managing our digital experience.


JDE was typically a TV organisation so we were used to really targeting quite wide


and we needed to stop applying what we knew about TV to digital


so the biggest change was that mindset and then getting the skillset to match that.


The opportunity to also really accelerate our digital transformation was another huge factor in why we centralised.


The fastest way for us to be able to make a change across our entire organisation was to pull it centrally.


I’m happy to say that we have seen every metric that we were looking at prior to centralisation improve post centralisation.


Before centralisation we were looking at about a 46% viewability against 70% after three seconds.


We’re now looking at a 71% viewability on any given day.


Data-driven marketing is a huge part of our world now.


Everything from the creative to the media is impacted by it.


and it’s an opportunity that we wouldn’t have had prior to the digital maturity project and the digital transformation that we went through


We still want to drive mass reach, but we’re able to have personalisation at scale.

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