eBay Classifieds Group gives users engaging, relevant experiences

November 2018

eBay Classifieds Group connects sellers of pre-owned goods with people who want to buy them. But when customers are shopping on eBay sites, there’s only a small window to show them the product they’re looking for. This is true for all of types of content – listings and ads alike. In spite of users’ limited attention spans on mobile, eBay Classifieds Group was determined to provide engaging, relevant experiences through advertising.

About eBay Classifieds Group

Leader in online classifieds

Part of eBay Inc

Includes 10 brands covering more than 1,000 cities around the world


Provide engaging experiences through advertising

Show ad content that complements users’ searches

Bring customers the products they’re looking for


Adopted AdSense for Shopping ads

Integrated user-preferred native format into site content

Introduced beautiful placements driven by quality images


Exceptional user engagement over first year in Denmark, Germany and Belgium

Now also live across mobile websites and apps in UK, Netherlands, Canada, and Australia

The eBay Classifieds Group team turned to AdSense For Shopping to give users ad content to complement their searches. The format allows eBay Classifieds Group to offer customers the products they’re looking for in a user-preferred native format that integrates well with the rest of the site content.

“Adsense For Shopping’s native approach puts the ads right into the search results, and attracts customers’ attention without diverting from our core user experience goals.”

- Regina Dinneen, Senior Product Manager, Gumtree

Experiments in markets like Denmark, Germany and Belgium produced great user engagement results over the first year, leading eBay Classifieds Group to launch AdSense for Shopping ads across mobile websites and apps in more regions including the Netherlands, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Plans are now in the works to launch a new mobile experience, and eBay Classifieds Group reveals that AdSense for Shopping will play an integral part.

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