Why digital marketing transformation should be highly disruptive

Why digital marketing transformation should be highly disruptive

Martin Sorrell, Executive Chairman of S4 Capital
February 2021

Digital transformation is happening at a pace we’ve never seen before. For Sir Martin Sorrell, executive chairman of S4 Capital, businesses must react with agility to this ‘violent change.’ In this video he explains why handling first-party data correctly is the most significant organisational change your business can make to future-proof their marketing.


What digital transformation means to me is accelerated change, and violent change, highly disruptive, even more disruptive than we thought it was going to be.


Personalisation at scale. We look at your behaviour and we try and determine what is the most relevant and most contextual piece of creative advertising that we can serve you.


We have to build an understanding with consumers and if the consumer wants to control his or her data, they should have the right to do that.


We based our model, this holy trinity model of data driving the production and creation of digital advertising content in this continuous loop; data conditions the creation of content.


You pump it out, you look at the results, you look at the data again, you modify the creative.


The development of first-party data, direct to consumer relationships, is going to become even more critical.


It's become much more interesting and much more complex and the structures are changing as those changes in data and content and programmatic development.

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