Carglass’® dynamic creative remarketing test delivers 290:1 ROI

December 2018

Carglass® specialises in repairs and window replacements for all types of cars, assisting more than 300,000 motorists every year. With its heavy emphasis on customer satisfaction in every aspect of the user journey, Carglass® wanted to build better, more relevant ads and increase conversions. The company teamed up with media agency Semetis and digital display agency AdSomeNoise to do just that.

Carglass® Belgium

Vehicle Glass Repair & Replacements and Automotive Damage Repair & Replacements for all Vehicle types

Founded in 1987

Headquarters in Hasselt, Belgium


Media agency

Digital advertising and business intelligence services

Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium


Digital display agency

Specialists in data-driven creativity

Headquarters in Leuven, Belgium


Build better, more relevant ads

Increase conversions


Adopted Google Marketing Platform

Launched remarketing campaign based on dynamic creative optimisation

Used Google Analytics 360 to gain insights

Used Google Tag Manager to ensure correct tagging and robust data pipelines


4X more profitable than previous non-personalised remarketing campaigns

For every euro invested during test period, received €290 in return

Carglass®, Semetis, and AdSomeNoise set a goal of increasing the conversion rate by using smart remarketing and media tactics. The team wanted to improve ad relevance and be able to deliver marketing messaging that – both creatively and technically – was as powerful as possible.

In order to provide personalised and relevant experiences to a large audience of users, each with their own individual needs, the team utilised the Google Marketing Platform stack – including Campaign Manager, Display and Video 360, and Studio – and launched a campaign using dynamic creative optimisation.

Carglass® also used Google Analytics 360 in order to gain insights about what information was most relevant to the customer and to get a deeper understanding of website behaviour. Google Tag Manager was important to the project too, ensuring correct tagging and robust data pipelines.

The setup allowed them to run custom experiences at scale in an automated way while keeping control over the quality of the asset.

As a first step, they analysed which parameters were personal to users’ situations and how many users could be mapped to each variable. Damage type and car brand turned out to be the leading parameters.

To remarket to customers who entered the funnel but did not finish, the team served custom banners that included copy relevant to the user’s damage type and car brand. Even the animations were tailored to the user’s specific situation.

The results exceeded all expectations. Compared to previous non-personalised remarketing efforts, the campaign was four times more profitable. For every euro invested, Carglass® received €290 in return.

“Remarketing, especially dynamic creative optimisation, is now a fixed item in our marketing strategy. We took a bold step forward and we were rewarded for our innovative mindset. Our focus now is more on creating the right message for each individual customer instead of getting one generic message across to everyone.”

– Nathan Willekens, Digital Marketer, Carglass® Belgium

Since the success of the campaign, Carglass® been looking for new ways to innovate in their digital marketing. The outstanding metrics have sparked a quest to find better, more relevant and disruptive advertising ideas.

The results have provided serious motivation to the Semetis and AdSomeNoise teams as well. Looking ahead, both are advocating that clients take a personalised approach as the standard, not the exception, and are embedding a dynamic creative optimisation track in the roadmap of all clients going forward.

“We want to push boundaries and use this case as a framework to open this up to more than only remarketing. The use of data within creatives should be a given in any moment of contact, whether the objective is awareness, conversion, or any campaign objective in between.”

– Jochen Sablon, Client Services Director, AdSomeNoise

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