CarpetVista doubles return on ad spend with Smart Display

January 2019

Leading online carpet shop CarpetVista specialises in handmade and machine made carpets. With an aim of making efficiency and profitability gains, the company began exploring ways of automating their display marketing efforts.


Founded in 2005

Headquarters in Malmö, Sweden


Drive more conversions at a profitable return on ad spend


Tested smart display campaigns in seven markets

Applied Smart Bidding tactic Target ROAS


2X higher return on ad spend

20% more conversions

300% better conversion rate

The CarpetVista team decided to test Google’s smart display campaigns with the aim of increasing their return on ad spend (ROAS). Powered by Google's machine learning, smart display campaigns automate and then optimise targeting, bidding, and ads.

The straightforward setup required only a dynamic data feed of products and a couple of assets and creatives from CarpetVista. Using the automated Smart Bidding tactic Target ROAS enabled CarpetVista to efficiently scale the campaigns without having to invest time in setting up specific targeting. Because it is based on machine learning, Smart Bidding optimises for different ads, products, and audience segments automatically. In all, the team was able to launch and scale smart display campaigns in more than seven markets within three weeks.

“Smart display campaigns gave us a very convenient tool that helped us expand in our biggest markets in an extremely efficient way, without increases in manpower and in time spent."

– Ulrika Klinkert, Chief Marketing Officer, CarpetVista

The results speak for themselves: with smart display, CarpetVista is seeing twice the return on ad spend of other display activities. Conversions are 20% higher and the conversion rate is 300% better.

The team also reports that they’ve been able to save a great deal of time, which they can now devote to growing their display activities. CarpetVista’s future strategy includes plans to scale the success of smart display to more markets.

Automation is the key to taking your search marketing from good to great