Partykungen increases revenue by 683% with help from AdWords

July 2016

Online party supply store Partykungen was established in 2009. When it came to online marketing, the company established clear goals from the start: to become digital market leaders in their industry, double revenue annually, improve return on investment, maximise profitable keywords and minimise waste.


Become industry’s digital market leader

Double revenue annually

Improve return on investment

Maximise profitable keywords and minimise waste


Established very targeted account structure

Executed extensive A/B testing

Created unique mobile strategy


AdWords revenue increased by 683% since 2012

AdWords return on investment grew by 121% since 2012

Twofold total revenue growth year over year since 2012, with 15% profit margin

2015 winners of Dagens Industri Digital Growth Phenomenon Award

Winning sales across devices

Partykungen recently released a new website that automatically scales for mobile, tablet and desktop screen resolutions. “We needed to make a whole new technical platform to handle the complexity of scaling through different resolutions and devices,” explains the company’s founder, Joel Svensson. With the new site in place, the company has doubled down on driving consumers to browse and buy on any device. Partykungen partnered up with their agency AdRelevance, and together with Google the team devised a unique mobile strategy and implemented a very targeted account structure. “We use Google products such as AdWords and YouTube to receive and target both new and old customers,” Joel says. “We’ve had a lot of help using the Google Search to achieve our marketing and sales goals.”

Google tools provide strategic advantage

Today, 50% of the budget goes to search and display, with Google AdWords proving to be the brand’s most profitable channel. “We see sales, conversions and ROI getting better from using Google’s products,” Joel affirms. Meanwhile, Partykungen also uses extensive A/B testing alongside Google Analytics to understand consumers’ behaviour across different devices, improve keyword performance, increase traffic quality and inform strategic decisions going forward. For example, insights show that 40% of visitors are from smartphones. “Our plan is to move to find more customers on mobile to drive better conversions and more transactions,” Joel says. “We see mobile ads as a good solution for this.”

The results add up to digital success

Since 2012, Partykungen has seen AdWords revenue increase by 683% and AdWords return on investment grow by 121%. There’s been a twofold growth in total revenue year over year in the same period, with a 15% profit margin. With metrics like these, it’s no surprise the company emerged as 2015 winners of Dagens Industri Digital Growth Phenomenon Award. Looking to the future, Partykungen is committed to continuing to improve site experience at the same time as using innovative marketing techniques to drive visits. Joel explains: “Our aim is to have more customers go through our mobile webpage and to make the website easier use as they place orders.”

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