Search automation in the Netherlands and the impact on the role of the search marketer

Karen Carbonez, Amélie Nivart, Alex Pepermans, Jaime Infante Ferreira, Lauryan Feijen, Paul van de Schoot, Izabella Dabrowska, Justus Wever, Bert van Dijk / February 2018

The emergence of mobile phones, changing consumer behavior and the evolution of search engines have created new complexities in the management of SEA activities. In order to help search marketers deal with this complexity, search engines and search management tools have started to develop solutions aiming to automate the basics of SEA activities. A new white paper explores to which extent SEA activities can be automated and which skills are needed to make automation truly work for your business.

The new report, “Search automation in the Netherlands and the impact on the role of a search marketer,” is the result of the collaboration of four search agencies (iProspect, Searchresult, Storm Digital and Traffic4U), two trade associations (DDMA and IAB Netherlands) and Google.

Automation in SEA has been around for some time. In fact, the research finds that medium to large companies in the Netherlands are already fully automating half of their SEA activities. However, automation in SEA has received increased focus over the past year. This is due to several reasons: an increased need for automation among users of SEA platforms, more vendors offering automated solutions and a step change in the technology behind it, machine learning.

As a consequence, automation is set to grow even more in importance in the future and the role of a search marketer is expected to shift from spending time on setting up and optimizing campaigns to more strategic activities that ensure future business growth. In order to make the successful transition towards automation, it’s important that businesses have the right skill mix in their marketing teams.

For more insights on why automation is important, which SEA activities can be automated, to which extent they can be automated and how automation impacts the role of the search marketer, download the full report below.

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